Insta Creep: Lil Xan’s Girlfriend Has Announced That She’s Had A Miscarriage…

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In our gossip column, we indulge our nosiest desires and delve deep into what the celebs (and ‘celebs’) are doing on social media. Who’s tweeting and deleting? Who’s shady faving? Let’s find out.

Meghan Trainor and the boy from Spy Kids (real name Daryl Sabara, sorry Daryl but you will always be Juni Cortez to us) continue to be a very cute couple.

The pair got married in December after two years of dating, and Daryl seems to be Meghan’s biggest fan – the singer’s brother caught him on camera going absolutely HAM at her soundcheck:

“Can’t believe I get paid to film Juni Cortez go 110% during my little sister’s soundchecks.” LOL.

We need someone as supportive as this in our lives. How do you find that for yourself?

Jordyn Woods’ mom is trying to crack down on people profiting from her daughter’s cheating scandal. 

Posting photos of merch emblazoned with quotes from Jordyn’s Red Table Talk, Elizabeth Woods said:

If you are aware of any companies selling merchandise and trying to benefit from our situation, please tag them below. We would like the world to know that we have not authorised any of this and have not profited from any of these sales whatsoever.

What could this mean? Are they trying to get into Kylie and co’s good graces by proving that they’re not out to make money on this? Or are they saying that the only people who SHOULD make money off it is themselves?

Both Jordyn and her mam have been liking and commenting on Kylie’s Instagram posts, so it could be the former. As Mama Kris would say, this is a case for the FBI.

In February, we learned that Soundcloud rapper Lil Xan was expecting a child with his new fiancée, Annie Smith.

His ex-girlfriend Noah Cyrus was shook, we were shook, and thanks to a scan photo that appeared to be plucked off Google Images, people suspected they were lying about it all.

Xan and Annie insisted that the pregnancy was real, and sadly, it appears they have lost the baby. Posting pictures from the day she found out she was expecting, Annie wrote:

Today I feel a hurt I never existed. A pain that comes from my soul. To my beautiful angle, mommy loves you more than she ever knew possible… Feeling you grow inside my body has been the most special gift I have been given. I wish more than anything that I could meet you, hold you and love you.

The couple announced the pregnancy when Annie was just five weeks along, saying they couldn’t wait to tell their fans. Lil Xan has yet to acknowledge the news publicly – he’s on tour in Europe, accompanied by his fiancée. If all is as they say it is, it’s very sad indeed.

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My girls ?

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North West is here to save the music industry.

The five-year-old grabbed the mic at her dad Kanye’s weekly Sunday Service gig (religious service? Cult? No one really knows what it is TBF) and belted along with the gospel choir:

Look at her! She’s fully immersed. And look at Kanye, delighted with life. Now, we don’t think the mic was actually turned on, but… she’ll get there. She’s mastering performance before she delivers vocals.


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