Insta Creep: Love Island’s Dr Alex Got A Shout Out On Orange Is The New Black…

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i even wear @givenchyofficial in my videos ☺️

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Ariana Grande is being called out for saying she couldn’t wait to see her friend dress up as child murder victim JonBénet Ramsey. It’s another day on the internet!

The murder of JonBénet Ramsey is one of the world’s most high-profile unsolved crimes, revisited time and again in true crime podcasts, documentaries and magazines.

Ariana’s friend Doug Middlebrook posted a picture of one such magazine cover on Instagram, with the caption: “No one has done more covers.”

Ariana jumped into the comments to say: “I can’t WAIT for this to be your Halloween look.”

Twitter user @ivanmoratroya pointed out that it’s not the most tasteful costume, and after getting called out by loads of people including some of her own stans (who would rarely go against her), Ari replied:

“Yeah no I deleted it very quickly and understand that it’s not at all funny. This was out of pocket and I sincerely apologise.”

Is anyone else tired? We’re tired.

YouTubers Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau got married in Las Vegas, just a month after they started dating. 

The couple are members of Team 10, a ‘squad’ of extremely popular YouTube creators including Jake’s brother, the controversial Logan Paul. Tana used to date Bella Thorne, if that’s any use to you.

Jake proposed to Tana right after they started dating – since then, no one’s really been sure if they’re for real or if the whole thing is an elaborate stunt for social media. But they’re married now, anyway.

The ceremony took place at the Graffiti Mansion in Vegas (the exterior of which was decorated with their names) and fans could watch it live for $50 a pop via a streaming service.

However, it seems the day didn’t go off without a hitch, as a fight broke out before the couple even got the chance to have their first kiss as man and wife.

According to reports, someone threw a glass of champagne at Tana and Jake, after which the officiant (yes, the person marrying them) started throwing punches.

Tana also revealed on her Story that she didn’t have her passport with her, even though they were due to fly straight from Vegas to Europe for their honeymoon. This is too stressful for us.

Armie Hammer’s wife has spoken out after The Social Network actor posted a video of their young son sucking his toes. 

In an Instagram Story, two-year-old Ford can be seen briefly putting his dad’s toes in his mouth, with the caption: “This happened for a solid seven minutes. #footfetishonfleek”

Apparently, people took it real bad, because the video disappeared fairly quickly. Commenters called it ‘gross’ and ‘inappropriate’, while others argued that kids get up to weird stuff like this all the time, so is it really an issue?

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Get on board or be bored. ?

A post shared by Elizabeth Chambers Hammer (@elizabethchambers) on

Armie’s wife Elizabeth Chambers responded to blogger Perez Hilton, saying Armie had exaggerated the “seven minutes” comment and basically, everyone needs to calm down.

Our son likes to play with people’s feet and I put the video on our family stream because this phase is an ongoing joke. Sharing the video on Instagram was def not the best move on A’s part, but I can assure you our children’s safety and wellbeing is always our first priority.

Elizabeth’s comment has now been deleted too. Time for everyone to log off.

And finally, Love Island makes an unexpected appearance in the new season of Orange Is The New Black. 

In one scene, Natalie Figueroa watches the 2018 season of the show as a way to switch off and de-stress (same, girl, same), talking about Adam and Niall and asking a very pertinent question:

Why are none of these women going for the doctor?

Dr Alex was pretty chuffed at getting a shoutout from the Netflix show, tweeting:



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