Insta Creep: Meanwhile, Celebs Are Unfollowing Kanye En Masse After His Trump Outburst…

What all the celebs are up to on social, from A to Z listers.

In our gossip column, we indulge our nosiest desires and delve deep into what the celebs (and ‘celebs’) are doing on social media. Who’s tweeting and deleting? Who’s shady faving? Let’s find out.

Earlier this morning we had a look at just what exactly Kanye West is doing on Twitter (the answer is: The most).

Poor Kim has had to come out and clean things up a little, but it hasn’t stopped his peers telling him to give it up.

Snoop Dogg said on Instagram “That’s mighty white of you Kanye… Get Out part 2” while Janelle Monae addressed it all in an interview:

John Legend, meanwhile, posted a thoughtful Twitter thread about racism and politics that is well worth a read:

Legend and Chrissy Teigen, both close friends of the Kardashian-Wests, have unfollowed Kanye after his spree, along with Kendrick Lamar, Rihanna, Travis Scott and, interestingly, Kylie, Khloé and Kourtney. Eeek.

Prince William is going to be Prince Harry’s best man! Like, it would have been incredibly rude of Hazza not to ask after William had him, but still.

Kensington Palace announced the news on Twitter today with loads of adorable pictures of the two royal brothers:

And now we’re tearing up thinking about all these two have been through together and how it’s lovely they’re so close. Halp.

We took a mold of my body and made it a perfume bottle. @kkwfragrance

A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

So Kim Kardashian has revealed her new perfume bottle modelled on her naked body… and it certainly is very naked! There was no easy way to segue to this from cute pics of the princes, so we just went with it. Sorry.

BottleKim even has the nips and all. Such attention to detail.

Leaving Cert Art students may be struck by the bottle’s resemblance to various statues of Venus, which is probably what she was going for. Very clever, Kim/Kim’s people.

And now it’s time for… #SponConCorner

*Sponcon = Sponsored content. Who’s flogging what, and why?

Just letting you know that Antoni from Queer Eye is doing sponsored underwear posts now. Thought you’d find that interesting. Why? Oh… no particular reason.


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