Insta Creep: Miley Cyrus Has Been Sharing Some, Eh, Personal Details About Liam Hemsworth’s Anatomy…

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So as it turns out, Cardi B’s publicist had a hand in Offset crashing the stage at her gig to make a very public apology. 

It seems that Cardi wasn’t in on it (her confused and annoyed reaction seems pretty genuine), but a video from the incident shows her publicist, Patientce, leading her estranged husband to the stage.

The rapper defended Patientce (that’s really how she spells her name) in a 13-minute Instagram Live, saying she is still her friend, and she doesn’t appreciate fans talking shit about her friends.

Patientce, for her part, says she doesn’t have to explain her actions to anyone but Cardi or Offset:

The good we try to do and the efforts we make to right our wrongs is only intended for the people we wish to be on the receiving end. Not for the recognition or affirmation of a delusioned [sic] third party!

Cardi also responded to a fan to say that Patientce is a friend to both her and Offset, and that you “can’t be mad at somebody for trying to help someone else”. Her head must be WRECKED at this stage. Hopefully she gets some time off from the bullshit over Christmas.

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Strolls with my girls.

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Miley Cyrus has been revealing some very, eh… personal details about fiancé Liam Hemsworth. Does he know?

The singer saw an Instagram meme stating that no man has all five of these attributes: ‘Good dick game, empathy, a height above 5’9, no hoes, common sense’.

She begs to differ:

“Mine does! Don’t give up!” Way to rub it in our faces that you’re dating a strapping Hemsworth, Miley.

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#tbt to how easy travelling was before kids

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Dax Shepard has responded to a wild story accusing him of cheating on wife Kristen Bell. Really, it’s a bit mad.

Over the weekend, the Daily Mail published a story in which Julie Andrews’ step-granddaughter (yes, that Julie Andrews) claimed she’d had a “night of steamy sex” with Dax at the start of his relationship with Kristen.

Kayti Edwards says she first met Dax in 2005, but ‘reconnected’ with him at a party in 2009, where they wore the faces off each other in a photobooth:

Sharing a screengrab of the story, Dax said that the pictures were in fact from 2005, not 2009, two years before his relationship with Kristen began.

And here’s the kicker: He revealed that Kayti Edwards has sold similar stories about Matthew Perry, Jack Osbourne and Kid Rock. Kayti also posed nude as Mary Poppins for a raunchy magazine, saying she only did it because Julie Andrews and her grandfather wouldn’t pay off her student loan. She’s a real peach!

Kristen is taking it all in her stride, posting a cute photo of herself and her husband:

They’ll be grand. Kayti, however… considering her previous, we’ll probably be hearing more from her.

Khloe Kardashian is correcting people speculating about the parentage of her little niece, Chicago. 

Kim posted a picture of herself as a child in which she is the literal head off baby Chi:

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Baby K

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One follower who seemingly doesn’t understand how surrogacy works said that Chi should look more like Kanye or the surrogate, implying that Kim wasn’t the baby’s biological mother.

Khloe stepped in to set things to rights:

…You must be more informed before speaking on something that you don’t know anything about apparently. Chicago is Kimberly’s DNA. Her and her husband made embryos and then they were blessed enough to have a surrogate carry their child for them since Kimberly is unable to. God bless modern medicine.

You could see why this might touch a nerve for Khloe in particular, giving the rumours that have followed her over the years. There’s no denying Chi, anyway.


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