Insta Creep: Molly-Mae Hague’s Super Dark Foundation Is Causing Ructions On Twitter…

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So this happened. Hey winter hair….

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Molly-Mae Hague can’t catch a break, it seems, after being called out for using a foundation several shades darker than her actual skin.

The Love Island star recently filmed a makeup tutorial in which she applies MAC foundation in the shade NC42, when her skin tone is most definitely not NC42 (just to put it in perspective, one STELLAR staffer wears NC25 to match her fake tan).

“I go very pale in the winter time,” she explained.

“I’ve really been enjoying Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk but this is too dark for me so I’m going to be mixing it with Studio Fix Fluid from MAC which is a holy grail of mine, I use it all the time, and this is in the shade NC42 which is still very dark.”

That it is. And if she’s using the MAC one to LIGHTEN the Armani one… what shade is the Armani one?!

She then applies a ton of white concealer to balance out the dark foundation, which seems like a lot of work just to get your foundation to ‘match’.

The clip went viral on Twitter, with people pointing out that NC42 is a shade a lot of black and Asian people use.

It’s started a debate on ‘blackfishing’ and the trend of white women mimicking traditionally black features – however, Molly’s defenders say she’s just trying to match her equally dark fake tan. Which is a whole other kettle of fish, let’s be honest.

Kim Kardashian has revealed her ‘secret of life’, and no, it’s not regular appointments with Dr Simon Ourian. 

Yesterday, Kim tweeted about her favourite snack – M&Ms that have been melted in the microwave for 30 seconds so that they’re crunchy on the outside, but warm and soft on the inside.

It’s a bloody revelation, so it is:

“This is my secret of life, you guys,” she said, crunching away. “It’s so satisfying in your mouth, please try it someone. We’ll start a chat about it.”

She’s on to something here to be fair to her. Kim has been retweeting people who tried her ‘recipe’ – someone even dug up an old photo of her and Kourtney at the M&M store in New York:

Can’t wait to try this with Galaxy Minstrels. You’ve changed our lives, Kim.

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Happy weekend all 💃🏻 #teamnadine #imaceleb

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Just to confirm how amazing Nadine Coyle is being on I’m A Celeb, she snuck in a Gillian McKeith impression on Saturday night.

Nadine was called upon to put some live cockroaches in her mouth during a Bushtucker trial – and referenced the moment in the 2010 series when Gillian McKeith famously keeled over before having to do something similar:

“What did Gillian McKeith do, she just went like that,” Nadine roared, pretending to faint to gales of laughter from the other campmates.

Incredible. Nads to win. Do it for Derry!

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Official @amas after party 🔥

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And finally, Lizzo brought the TINIEST bag to the American Music Awards last night. It’s just big enough to fit all the fucks she has to give, apparently.

The singer was dressed by Valentino, who designed a ruffled orange confection of a gown and accessorised it with a handbag the size of a fingernail:

Still love her, still not over the fact that we didn’t get tickets to her Dublin gig.


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