Insta Creep: Selena Gomez Is Being Accused Of Ripping Off An Artist For Her Newest Music Video…

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People reckon Selena Gomez ripped off an Instagram artist in the video for her new single. 

The colourful video overlays scenes with movie-style captions… which coincidentally is what artist Sarah Bahbah does with her work. Let’s compare – here’s a still from Selena’s video:

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And here’s one of Sarah’s posts:

'Je T'aime…Moi Non Plus', @itsnotsonia. #iloveyoumeneither

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Posting on her Instagram Story, Sarah said ‘over 2000’ people sent her screengrabs from the video – fans noticed that she had commented “Let’s work together next time!” on one of Selena’s posts, but it had been deleted.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan, the artist said that while she doesn’t “claim to own the use of subtitles on images”, it’s definitely a signature of her work.

It’s become somewhat of an industry standard that I am the ‘go-to’ for this type of style. I’m flattered that so many have referenced me in Selena’s latest work, and would love to collaborate with her on a special project in the future.

Selena has as of yet said nothing about the claims. We’ll keep you posted…

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande are still very much the cutest. 


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Like, this photo looks as if she’s trying to suck his soul out of his mouth Dementor-style? But maybe that’s what they were going for, as Ari later posted this video of Pete ranting about her superior Harry Potter knowledge:

hello i’m crying

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Two little weirdos! Adorable, TBH.

Do we all know who Post Malone is? He’s a rapper who appears to be a big deal now. Anyway, look at what he tattooed on his face:

We are also always tired, but tattooing ‘always tired’ under our eyes isn’t going to do anything about it. As you can see, he already has quite a few face tattoos, so apparently this is just his thing. Delightful.

And now it’s time for… #TBT

The best celebrity throwback photos of the week.

Sarah Jessica Parker has been sharing a bunch of photos from her Sex and the City days to celebrate the show’s 20th anniversary. Her choices include THAT Dior dress and the iconic “Your girl is lovely, Hubbell” moment… and now we’re gonna have to binge the whole thing again.


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