Insta Creep: Travis Scott Covered Kylie Jenner’s House In Rose Petals For Her Birthday…

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partners in crime 4 evaaa????‍?‍?

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Travis Scott covered Kylie Jenner’s house in rose petals as a 22nd birthday present.

Truly, this is what it is to be rich. You can do something extremely expensive and extremely wasteful, and then pay someone else to clean it up!

You may remember that in November of last year, he lined her house with bouquets of roses for no particular reason, so obviously he had to think of something else for her birthday. He didn’t stray too far from the roses idea, though.

It’s also kind of awks that just before the rose onslaught, she was snapping about how her favourite flowers are sunflowers.

All that trouble (well, it probably wasn’t trouble for him, he just had to ring someone up and give them money. It was trouble for everyone else) and then not even a handwritten card? This family’s priorities are just all over the place.

Speaking of Kardashian nonsense, who is this exactly in Kim’s new beauty campaign?

Last night, Kim announced a new KKW Beauty collection inspired by the 90s – and released a photo someone who is supposed to be her, we guess, but looks more like a mixture of Aaliyah and Toni Braxton.

Do you see it?

Now Kim is no stranger to accusations of blackfishing – she was criticised for dressing up as Aaliyah for Halloween a few years ago – but this instance is especially baffling. Surely as the owner of one of the most famous faces in the world, she’d be more careful with the FaceTune?

We have more time for Kim than most, but… HMM.

Oh my god, all we have for you today is celebrity nonsense. But you love it, don’t you? Anyway, Lili Reinhart wrote a love poem for Cole Sprouse on his birthday, confirming that they are back together… we think.

The Riverdale couple were rumoured to have split last month – this was actually confirmed in a magazine interview, then both of them posted cryptic Instagrams implying their status had changed once again.

And here is what we assume is concrete proof that they are together once more, unless they smugly pull the rug out from beneath us again:

It is exhausting. But we’re glad they’re happy at least.

And now it’s time for… #SponConCorner

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Posted by Craft Gin Club on Friday, 1 February 2019

We haven’t checked in Martine McCutcheon, of Eastenders, Love Actually, and iconic single Perfect Moment fame, in quite some time. What’s she up to? Well, she’s the face of a thing called Craft Gin Club and popping up in sponsored ads all over Facebook at the moment. In fairness, this not the worst thing you could be the face of. Get the coins and the gin, Martine.


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