Insta Creep: True Thompson And Chicago West Are Already The Best Of Mates…

What all the celebs are up to on social, from A to Z listers.

In our gossip column, we indulge our nosiest desires and delve deep into what the celebs (and ‘celebs’) are doing on social media. Who’s tweeting and deleting? Who’s shady faving? Let’s find out.


God they’re cute. True’s little stinkface! Chi’s pure angel baby radiance! This will sustain us for the rest of the week.

Call me beep me

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Bella Thorne is raging after finding out her TV show was cancelled over Twitter. That’s very rude, in fairness.

The actress starred in two seasons of Famous In Love, a series about an ordinary girl who becomes instantly famous when she’s cast in a Hollywood blockbuster.

The show was pretty popular, however it was dogged with rumours of ‘diva-like behaviour’ from Bella on set, and reports of her ‘clashing’ with showrunner I Marlene King.

However, Marlene says that things are all good between the pair, and that she hopes the network decide to go for a third season:

Still and all, it would have been nice of them to let them all know beforehand, right?

Kylie Jenner did her makeup on camera for Vogue, in case you’re interested.

While it’s not as #iconic as Rihanna’s amazing makeup video, it’s still interesting to see how a famous face creates her famous face. And see all that work up close…

And finally – we started with babies, so we’ll end with a baby. Babies for all!

Already Daddy’s little girl ? 27.6.18 @johnjohnburke

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Actress and Dancing With The Stars alum Aoibhin Garrihy welcomed a baby girl yesterday with her husband, John Burke. She said previously that they had chosen not to find out the baby’s gender before the birth – what a cute surprise. Congrats to the lovely family!


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