instax Link WIDE Smartphone Printer Is A Must For Budding Photographers

STELLAR PROMOTION: Perfect for capturing memories!

Let’s face it, some of our best moments in life are the spontaneous ones. It’s the night when your car breaks down, and you end up reluctantly going to a small pub that will end up being the best. Or the spontaneous bathroom blurry selfie at the Met Gala that will end up going viral as opposed to the perfectly planned shots.

The only problem with these spontaneous moments is that they’re hard to capture. The best we can do is take a pic on our phone only to have the photo buried in our camera roll, and then accidentally deleted in an attempt to make more storage space.

But now, lucky for us, Fujifilm is helping us in our quest to capture these moments with their new Fujifilm, the instax Link WIDE Smartphone Printer.

The instax Link WIDE Smartphone Printer is the latest in the instax lineup of instant printing devices. Link WIDE allows those who are snap happy on the go, to print images in a large format on instax WIDE instant film – a first for the brand’s smartphone printer category.

Here is why we absolutely love it for capturing memories.

Link WIDE is straightforward to use. You simply upload your images to the free instax Link WIDE App and then connect with the printer using Bluetooth. Perfect instax prints in minutes with no hassle.

The Link WIDE App is also a godsend featuring editing tools like cropping, filters, collage options, adding text to the printed image, as well as in-app stickers and frame templates.

But, it also has a lot of unique features to take your photography to the next level. These include the sketch, edit & print option, which allows you to import sketches and handwritten text, add them to photos, add sticker icons, and print. You can also print pictures from videos. Or most impressively, use QR Print Mode, which allows you to add a QR code to scan with a smartphone to your photo, with the ability to record sound, link to a website, tag your location on the print, or record a hidden message.

The Link WIDE is also compatible with the Fujifilm X-S10 mirrorless digital camera, allowing photographers to send their images directly from the camera to the Link WIDE printer. I mean, how cool is that?

And most importantly, the Link WIDE is perfect for spontaneity. It is lightweight, built for portability and speed, meaning you can take it on any adventure. Plus, the printing is super fast. An image can be transferred and printing in about 12 seconds, so you can still have great snaps even when you’re in a rush.


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The instax Link WIDE is also compatible with some snappy accessories to help users share their favourite instax photos in creative ways.

These include printable instax WIDE Magnets (€10) for your fridge, celebrate special occasions with unique and personalised instax WIDE Greetings Cards (€10), or create beautiful collections with the instax Peel & Stick WIDE Album (€20), there’s a host of options to help you share your most treasured memories with your nearest and dearest in a fun and inventive way.

And instax’s film options are expanding with the new instax WIDE Black instant film, an updated contrast on the traditional white-bordered look!

The instax Link WIDE smartphone printer is available in two colours, Ash White and Mocha Gray.

The instax link WIDE will be available at Fujifilm stockists nationwide from October 22nd at RRP €150.00. To find your nearest stockist visit here.

For more information about Link WIDE, click here!


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