Irish Actor Jamie Dornan Calls 2021 ‘Worst Year’ Of His Life Following Father’s Death

Jim Dornan passed away aged 73.

Jamie Dornan has opened up about 2021 being the “worst year” of his life following the death of his father.

The Belfast star was speaking with The Telegraph about his experience where he also shared that the family have been unable to hold a funeral for his Dad, ten months after his passing.

He said; “It’s a strange thing to end the year with all this positivity… because on many levels it’s been the worst year of my life, and the hardest.”

The 39-year-old lost his mother, Lorna to cancer when he was in his teens and shared that he had always been close to his Dad after the experience.

Speaking about the grief and the advice his father gave him, he said; “You wear it, and it shapes you, and colours you forever… life will never be the same again – but you can’t lead with it.”

Jamie’s father, Jim who was a renowned doctor sadly passed away from Covid at the age of 73.


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