Irish Celebs We Want To See At The Eras Tour

C'mon Miggeldy

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It’s finally The Eras Tour week! Six years after she last played in Dublin, Taylor Swift is back with her highly anticipated tour. 

There were a bunch of celebrities at last weekend’s London dates, where we saw the Royal Family, Nicola Coughlan, Jamie Dornan, Greta Gerwig and Tom Cruise attend.

Even Taylor’s boyfriend, Travis Kelce, was on stage with her.


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All these celebrity appearances have us wondering who will be in attendance this weekend at the Aviva.

Here are our predictions or, should we say, dream Irish celebs to see in the crowd.


Everyone’s favourite Irish twins, Jedward, are at the top of our list. You just know they would bring the perfect sparkly fits and energy to the Aviva Stadium. 

We know they are fans of Taylor as they recently posted a TikTok using her song Fortnight with Post Malone. They even covered We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together back in 2012. 


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Louis Walsh

After the drama between Jedward and Louis Walsh back in March after Louis slagged the twins off during his appearance on Celebrity Big Brother, what better place for them to reunite than at The Eras Tour?

A venue with such love and positivity may help the pair settle their beef, all while bonding over their shared love for music. Maybe they could exchange some friendship bracelets with each other.

Louis can even bust out a few moves like he did in this Cadbury’s ad back in 2015.

Michael D. Higgins

In between all his presidential activities, we think our president, Michael D. Higgins, should take some time off and leave his dog Misneach at home in Áras an Uachtaráin for a date night at the Aviva with his wife, Sabina. 

The three-hour concert could even give him some inspiration for his poetry as he listens to Taylor’s cleverly written lyrics.

Niall Horan

Now, while we would love to see Niall Horan in the crowd, what would be even better is if we could be treated to him joining Taylor on stage like he did back in 2018 at the Reputation Tour in London when they sang Slow Hands together.

He is performing in Toronto on Saturday night, but maybe Taylor could get that private jet of hers out there and bring him home for her Sunday gig. They could do a rendition of one of Taylor’s hits about Niall’s former bandmate, Harry Styles. That would be sure to get the Swifties in a frenzy.


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Paul Mescal

He may be busy filming, going to fashion shows and hanging out with Natalie Portman right now, but we would love to see our favourite Irish heartthrob, Paul Mescal, at The Eras Tour. He could even incorporate his short shorts into his outfit. The 1989 era would be a perfect fit for him.

The only issue is that Paul used to be engaged to Phoebe Bridgers, who is one of Taylor’s besties. However, we think that shouldn’t stop him. Even if Taylor plays Nothing New, her song with Phoebe, it would be an opportune time for Paul to take a bathroom break. 


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While you may be concentrating on the on-stage action, be sure to take a look around and see if any of your favourite Irish celebs are bopping along just like you.

Words by Amélie Mahony