Is It Nike Or Nikey? Turns Out You’ve Been Pronouncing It Wrong This Whole Time

Finally, an answer!

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There’s a debate that’s been long raging in the fitness world. Nope, it’s not cardio versus weight lifting or planks versus burpees; it isn’t even an argument over the best spot to snap a gym selfie.

Nope, the real debate is nike versus nikey. Just how do you pronounce the name of that iconic sportswear brand? Because these are things you need to know, right?

Well, if that question has been niggling at you, we finally have an answer.

According to Nike’s chairman Phillip Knight (And we’re assuming he’d know) the correct pronunciation is Nike-y, after the Greek Goddess of Victory in mythology.

The debate was settled when two Nike fans wrote to Phillip Knight asking him that question directly.

“We had this friendly bet between us for a while now and decided to write to Phillip Knight to once and for all settle one of life’s biggest unanswered questions,” they told Sportsmail.

“We included a stamped addressed envelope inside the letter so that he could simply circle the answer and send it back to enlighten us all. We didn’t actually think that he would do it. But all credit to him, a few weeks later the letter returned!”

So there you have it, if you’ve been saying Nike instead of Nikey all these years, then you’ve been saying it wrong. #Soz.


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