Is This Proof That Adele And Skepta Are Dating?

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Remember when rumours were flying around that singer Adele and rapper Skepta were completely loved up and they were going to have babies and live happily ever after?

Well, that gossip certainly died down quickly. Leaving us wondering, were they even dating in the first place?

It looks like we may just now have the evidence that points to yes, it’s likely that they are, or at least once were something.

Sharing a picture of her watching her 2016 Glastonbury performance on TV, Adele joked, saying that she was a few ciders deep.


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Immediately commenting on the snap was none other than Skepta himself, who said (flirtily we might add):

“Finally got your Instagram password lol”

To which Adele replied back with a winky face and a love heart.

Now, if that doesn’t say flanter, we don’t know what does. And it didn’t go unnoticed either, with the comments racking up close to 10,000 likes, fans clearly know something is up.

It was reported back in October of last year that the two were seen spending a lot of time together.

At the time, a source told The Sun:

“Adele and Skepta have been there for each other a lot after both their relationships split up.”

“They have a close bond and there’s definitely a special connection. They’re spending more and more time together.”