Is This Proof That Kylie Jenner Is Actually NOT Pregnant?

We may have all been played...

So we’re almost in 2018 and we are still none the wiser as to whether or not we are to expect a new Jenner baby next year.

Ever since the rumours first began back in October, all signs have been pointing to a yes. With subtle hints being dropped by each member of the family, we were all but waiting for a confirmation from Kylie…any day now Kylz…

But if the 20-year-olds latest instagram post is anything to go by, we may have been led to believe something that’s just not true.

Kylie posted to snapchat last week that she had decided to chop her hair off again, going from long sleek hair to a chic bob. At this stage, Kylie’s hair length and colour give us an insight into what time of her life some pictures were taken.

Which is why when this picture was posted to her app, just one day ago, fans were sure that it was in fact a recent picture of the millionaire, and she looks very NOT pregnant.

Seems as if our days of trying to spot Kylie’s bump have just been given a major setback.

So Khloe, about those rumours?…


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