It Looks Like I’m A Celeb’s Nick Knowles Didn’t Really Jam With Biffy Clyro After All

"I'm really sorry to shatter the illusion"

In an episode of I’m A Celeb that aired on Tuesday, DIY SOS presenter Nick Knowles bragged to his fellow campmates that he jammed with a famous band before.

Nick told the campers that he was signed to Universal Music to release an album after playing with an unnamed band on a Soho rooftop.

“Probably best not to say who they are because it’d be embarrassing for them more than anything else,” Nick told the others.

His coyness didn’t last long, as he continued: “I ended up playing with this band. Actually, they won’t mind! They’re nice lads. It was Biffy Clyro.”

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Now, the Scottish band have addressed Nick’s story time, saying that he may have stretched the truth a little bit.

“It was more like eight years ago,” Biffy Clyro drummer Ben Johnston told Radio 1 Breakfast with Greg James. “It was after an award ceremony. We went back to this hotel in Soho. And we were informed Nick Knowles has bought us a bottle of champagne to celebrate on the roof.

“It was lovely we had a drink and we left. There might have been a guitar there. That’s about as much as I can give you.”

While they don’t appear to be lining Nick up for a support slot anytime soon, Ben did joke: “It would be quite handy if he could help us put up the stage with his amazing carpentry skills. We’ll definitely keep his hat in the ring.”

He further explained: “He was a nice guy, I’m not going to say anything bad about him. I don’t think it’s quite the ‘Kum Ba Yah’ situation everyone has in their heads at the moment.

“I’m really sorry to shatter the illusion everyone has that we had a proper heavy jam with Nick Knowles, because that didn’t happen I’m afraid.”

The lads aren’t mad at Nick’s name drop anyway, as Declan Donnelly managed to get Biffy Clyro trending on Twitter during the show. Any publicity is good publicity!


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