It Turns Out ‘Sex And The City’ Author Candace Bushnell Dated Aidan In Real Life

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Ah, Sex and the City. It hasn’t aged very well, and has become quite problematic in parts. But if you’re a fan, you’ll know it’s one of those shows that you can return to time and time again, to get lost in the lives of Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte. On top of the usual Sex and the City opinions that we all have, there’s also the Big vs Aiden debate.

I tend to sway between the two from time to time, but the majority of the time I’m team Aiden. But now, author of the Sex and the City books has had her say on the topic, and she’s revealed something prettyyyyy interesting too.

Candace appeared as a guest on US podcast Bradshaw Boys, and made it clear that Aiden was never her favourite. “I’m never gonna be Team Aidan,” Candace explained. “I can’t for a variety of reasons but one of the reasons is that my mother hated Aidan. She would watch and she was like, ‘I hate that Aidan. He’s so wrong for her!’ My mother hardly ever watched TV.”

Then, Candace revealed that she also dated Aiden – okay, in reality, the actor who played Aiden, John Corbett. But still, our heads almost exploded. “I did go to dinner with John Corbett”, she opened up.


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“I kind of went out to dinner with him, it was romantic, [but] all I could think was, “My mother’s gonna kill me!” Then he goes back to L.A. and then like two days later it’s like, ‘Oh, he’s dating Bo Derek.’ You cannot compete with Bo Derek, forget it.” If you’re not 100% sure on who Bo Derek is, she rose to fame in the film 10, basically a sex/comedy sort of thing which made her an international sex symbol. She and John then went on to get married in 2002.

If that wasn’t enough, it turns out that Candace almost played the role of Natasha, Big’s wife, when no other actress was available. “Darren asked me, ‘Do you wanna play [Big’s wife] Natasha?’ And I was like, ‘No,’ They had an actress, she couldn’t do it, he’s like, ‘come down here and play Natasha.’ I was like, ‘I’m busy, I cannot come to the set.'”

So, there we have it. Candace is Team Big, went on a date with real-life Aiden, and almost had to play the role of Natasha. The affair/stairs/broken nose scene springs immediately to mind.


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