It’s A Sin’s Callum Scott Reveals His Hardest Scene To Film

His answer may surprise you

For those who have watched drama series, It’s A Sin (which is a lot of you), it’s likely that the show has left a lasting impact on you.

Talk of the town since it dropped last month, the show is being hailed as gripping, beautiful, educational, and heartbreaking, all wrapped up into one gorgeous package, and following its success, many stars of the show are now speaking out about the filming process and what it meant to them.

Callum Scott, who plays the lovable Colin in the show has opened up about his experience playing the character, revealing what was his most difficult scene to film – and his answer may surprise you.

*Warning: spoilers ahead*

In an early episode of the show, Colin and the uncomfortable relationship he has with his boss is depicted on screen. While on a work trip in America, Colin’s boss Mr. Hart enters young Colin’s bedroom, urging him to sit next to him. Colin obliges his boss, but before things progress Mr. Hart spots the pamphlets on the AIDS crisis Colin has bought for his friend Jill, snd immediately leaves, assuming that he has the virus.

Explaining why exactly that scene was so hard to film, Callum told Digital Spy: “Those scenes were really hard to film because Nick is so gorgeous as a person.”

“You look at it, and you think, ‘Gosh, Mr Hart is such a bastard’, but he’s played by the loveliest of men.”

Callum also explained that the cast and crew worked on getting the dynamic between Colin and Mr. Hart right for a long time.

“We really worked on that dynamic of Colin and Mr Hart. It’s very complicated, that relationship.”



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