‘It’s Hard For Her’: Here’s What Johnny Depp Said About Amber Just Months Before Divorce

Well, that didn't last

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It’s all over for Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, just 15 months after their lavish island wedding.

Amber filed for divorce at the start of this week and cited “irreconcilable differences” with Johnny, according to E! News.

In a telling move, Johnny backed out of last month’s Met Gala at the last minute, after largely staying out of the public eye in the weeks previous.

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The couple, who have a 22-year age gap, met on the set of The Rum Diaries five years ago and started dating within weeks.

Speaking about his wife back in January, Johnny admitted that theirs was not a typical marriage, especially given his long-running career in film.

“I… have to thank my wife, Amber, for putting up with me, for living with all these characters, which can’t be easy,” he said at the Palm Spring International Film Festival.

“It’s hard for me – it’s got to be hard for her.”

While Johnny and Amber’s marriage may have been short-lived, it did give us this gem: what is probably the world’s most awkward apology video.



The pair were forced to apologise to the Australian government recently after illegally bringing their two dogs into the environmentally fragile country, and they did a stand-up job of reading their heavily scripted lines.

Ah, we’ll miss them in fairness.