‘It’s Like Fyre Fest 2.0’ Social Media Stars Are Slamming Revolve Festival

The drama that you might have missed...


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For years it has been dubbed the “it-girl ticket” and with guests like Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Willow Smith and Emily Ratajkowski, it’s no wonder why. It’s invite-only, it’s super Instagrammable and it’s without fail, every year loaded with influencers from bloggers to vloggers and everything in between.

But this year, the festival; which isn’t affiliated with Coachella, but just happens on the same weekend as a sort of “pre-party”, was absolutely torn apart by many of those attending for bad organisation, lack of security and all round messiness.


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Taking to TikTok, influencers dubbed the festival ‘Fyre Fest 2.0’ in relation to the failed 2017 festival whereby partygoers were scammed out of thousands when they arrived at a festival that was promised to be the ‘weekend of their lives’, but it was not even remotely ready. Organised by con artist Billy McFarland, the ‘festival’ had no accommodation, food or even stages built for the gigs that was confirmed to be taking place that weekend, leaving thousands and thousands of attendees stranded and out of pocket.

Skip forward to present day and Revolve Festival is receiving similar heat from social media stars, with many of them flying from different states to attend the party and not even make it in due to transport issues.

‘I didn’t even get into the festival, I waited in line for two hours and failed on Revolve because the transportation was like Fyre Festival and the logistics of getting to the festival were dangerous. There was pushing, shoving, shouting, yanking people in front of buses, people standing in between the buses – like while they were moving.’

Continuing, the influencer named Averie Bishop continued by adding:

‘Sorry Revolve, but I really hope you take into consideration everyone’s safety and security next year.’

Adding to the commentary, TikTok user @amberread92 added footage of herself and her friend waiting for the bus to Revolve Festival – buses which provided the only means of transportation to the festival, adding that it was ‘giving fyre fest’ and totally ‘unorganised and chaotic’ as she sat on the ground waiting for transport.


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And from the perspective of those who actually got in, one content creator Meghan Rinks took to TikTok to explain her thoughts on the event after being there and admitted she ‘never felt more like she was crashing something or not wanted somewhere, when she was literally invited.’ Continuing to note that it felt like a ‘popular girl’s birthday where you just have to be grateful to be there.’

Revolve has yet to address the claims from influencers at the event.