It’s Serious! Kylie Jenner Just Got A Tattoo Dedicated To Tyga Inked On Her Ankle

Could this be her biggest declaration of love yet?

Kylie Jenner and Tyga

Kylie Jenner and Tyga have been dating for some time now. In fact, the pair were first linked back in July 2014 and though there has been no talk of proposals or babies just yet (Kylie is still pretty young after all) it seems Kylie has chosen to declare her love for Tyga in another way.

By getting his initial inked on her ankle.


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Super fans may have already noticed the tiny marking on Kylie’s skin on Instagram about a month ago but most of us are only picking up on the teeny tiny tatt now thanks to close-up pics shared on TMZ.

The ink is a small lowercase ‘t’ drawn in black ink in italics on the outside of Kylie’s right ankle and is apparently the work of celebrity tattooist Rafael Valdez, who worked on some of Kylie’s other designs.

Like her heavily-tattooed boyfriend, Kylie is quickly amassing quite the collection of markings, with this latest design taking her total to five.

While Kylie has opted for a collection of small tatts in red ink, one of Tyga’s signature markings is a large inking of Kylie’s name scrawled across his right inner arm.

With tattoo tributes and a stack load of PDAs of the couple of Snapchat, it looks like things are really getting serious.


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