‘I’ve Been Selfish’: Renée Zellweger Got Her Own Way With The New Bridget Jones Film

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Over a decade on since the second Bridget Jones film was released, Bridget and Mark Darcy are back for the third instalment, Bridget Jones’s Baby.

Unlike the third book in the Helen Fielding series, which sees the couple’s story end quite unhappily, the new film is based on the columns Fielding wrote for UK newspaper The Independent back in 2005.

The plot of the film isn’t the only thing that has changed from the book series, though: Bridget is no longer on a constant mission to drop weight – in fact she’s slimmed down quite a bit. Or at least, Renée Zellweger has.

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The actress famously gained 30lbs for both the first and second films, but this time around opted to stay at her normal weight.

Speaking at the premiere last night, the actress said she had been a little “selfish” this time around, and that her decision to return to the role was more for her than for the audience.

“I love this character and I love the people involved, and very selfishly I wanted to come back and play with Colin [Firth] and Patrick [Dempsey],” she told Mail Online. “We’re pals off-screen so that probably helps.”

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The actress described the new film as a “happy reunion”, and said she hoped audiences would feel the same. “I think we all share a lot of affection these characters as well so I’m sure people will be able to sense that when they see the film,” she explained.

Bridget Jones’s Baby is released in Irish cinemas on September 16th.