James Corden Gets Surprised By Iconic Guest On ‘The Last Last Carpool Karaoke’

It’s a bitter sweet ending for James!

We were all surprised and more than a little sad to hear The Late Late Show with James Corden was coming to an end.

Over the past eight years the show has developed a number of segments that have become part and parcel of The Show including Drop The Mic, Riff Off, Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts and fan favourite Carpool Karaoke.

James aired his final episode of Carpool Karaoke just last week with Bad Bunny and it was quite the ending to a fabulous segment. But, it seems a good friend and world renowned singer wanted to surprise James in his lead up to the final show and drive him to work instead. Ah the tables have turned!

Pop icon Adele decided to surprise the beloved talk show host by picking up at his house and driving him to work, a moment that seemed to make James a little teary eyed.

If you’re unfamiliar with the segment it involves James driving to work with the help of a wide variety of musical celebrities all while singing along to songs from their previous albums.

Adele’s appearance for the segment marks her second after she first appeared back in 2016 when the show was filmed in London.

We got a sneak peek at this final episode thanks to a clip posted to The Late Late Show Twitter account. It saw Adele pull up to James’ house.

She proceeded to use cymbals to wake him up and revealed she would be the one driving him to work, despite her self admitted poor driving skills.

James reflected on his time on the show saying: “I’m excited and scared in equal measure. I don’t know it’s been a crazy eight years.”

“In one sense it feels like it’s gone like that and in the other I can’t really remember what life was like before being here.”

As they both listened to Adele’s song I Drink Wine, she revealed that the song had been inspired by a conversation they had shared years previously.

She said: “We were on vacation together with the kids, and we were on our way home. And my mood had changed and it was like the first year where I felt like I had to hold myself accountable for being an adult. The year before I left Simon and stuff like that, and you and Jules and the kids were so integral in looking after me… you used to do it with humour too.”

James became visibly emotional as they spoke about their first times hearing the song and the meaning behind it with Adele revealing: “every time I listen to this I think of you.”


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The iconic talk show host revealed his departure from the show a year ago and has been building up to the biggest and best finale episode anyone has ever had the pleasure of seeing ever since.

The announcement came as a result of the comedian and his family wanting to return to the UK.

The finale will air April 27th and we will sadly have to say goodbye to the show that reintroduced us to the Jonas Brothers and a close up look at some of our favourite singers over the last 8 years.