Jamie Dornan And Emma Watson Have Been Voted The Most Shiftable Celebs By The Irish Public

No surprise there!

Would you take a ‘free pass’,  no consequence kiss with your celeb crush if you were given the chance?

Ahead of the most romantic day of the year, it has been revealed that a quarter of Irish adults would consider giving their other half the opportunity to do so.

A survey carried out by NOW TV showed that 25 per cent of Irish couples already have a free pass agreement with their significant other, and one in four would give their other half a free pass to shift their dream celeb crush.

In a game of Shift or Drift with the Irish public, James Kavanagh took to the streets of Dublin and discovered that Fifty Shades heartthrob Jamie Dornan was the most popular male on the shifting score board at 32 per cent. Harry Potter star and ‘Belle’ of the ball Emma Watson was voted most shiftable female with 34 per cent of people opting to shift rather than drift her.

With Valentines Day only days away, NOW TV found out whether the ‘Hallmark Holiday’ is still being celebrated by Irish lovers or if it’s dead in the grave. A surprising 72 per cent of Irish adults said they would mark the holiday with their significant other on the 14th, and 27 per cent answered that either a romantic dinner or weekend away is the perfect Valentines gift. Adorable.

You can watch the Irish public play Shift or Drift with James Kavanagh below.

Do you and your significant other still celebrate the most romantic day of the year?

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