Jamie Laing Updates Fans On Honeymoon ‘Disaster’

The Made In Chelsea stars are had a dreamy wedding, but their honeymoon...


Jamie Laing and Sophie Habboo are just after having the dreamiest wedding we’ve ever seen. Tying the knot in Spain surrounded by their friends and family. But their honeymoon hasn’t gone quite as smoothly.

The newlyweds jetted off to four different countries in one day just to reach their destination…only for their luggage to get lost in along the way.

After spending an entire 24 hours getting shuffled from flight to flight, the pair were disappointed to discover they had none of their personal belongs with them. However, sharing an update with Jamie revealed they had located their suitcases! Only problem is they’re back in London.

Taking to Instagram he wrote: “Luggage update, so my luggage has been found!” With Sophie shouting “Woo!” from the background. Only for Jamie to continue: “And it got sent home, its arrived back in London.”


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Obviously with the pair staying in Central America, its a long ways away to get their bags back. But it gets more complicated, as the Made In Chelsea star explained: “Which is a disaster because we’re leaving this island and we are going somewhere else, and we have nooo stuff.”

“Anyway luggage found, its in London.”

Sharing some of the belongs they’re missing, Sophie revealed her laptop, clothes, vitamins, and other belongs are all in her misplaced suitcases.

Jamie continued: “Luggage is back in London right? And I was figuring out like ‘how the hell did my luggage get back to London?’ So I’m on the phone to the airline trying to figure out how it got back to London and they were like ‘we haven’t found it yet.'”


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“But its back in London, how did it get back to London? I then get a Whatsapp message from an airline being like, ‘hey, is your luggage back [in London]?'”

The Whatsapp message then explained that the first airline Jamie and Sophie traveled with during one of their connecting flights apparently sent the bags back to London.

“Then it’s like do I get the bags sent back out to me, to Panama or do I just by new stuff?


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