Jason Oppenheim Just Put Chrissy Teigen In Her Place After Her Cheeky Selling Sunset Comments

Chrissy may be needing some aloe for that burn


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A number of weeks ago, when all anyone spoke about was reality real estate Netflix show, Selling Sunset, Hollywood superstar Chrissy Teigen got on board with the hype, sharing a series of tweets of her thoughts on the series.

After the third season was released on Netflix last month, Chrissy took to Instagram to question the authenticity of the show, which, to be fair, given the dramatic nature of reality TV is a valid enough response.

“I just watched all of Selling Sunset after watching everyone talk about it for so long! I don’t think anyone on it is as mean or insane as you guys said?” Chrissy began.

“Maybe I also know everyone on tv plays up a character. They’re all doing that. You guys are… super mad at people who are in on the joke.”

“I will say, I look at LA real estate a lot and have never seen any of these people lol either have our agents, who I have obsessively asked,” she said.

At the time, Jason responded directly, with a calm, but calculated reply:

“Chrissy, thanks for watching our show,” he wrote back shortly after. “Regarding your agent’s knowledge of members of my team, I respectfully don’t know him either although that doesn’t mean he isn’t successful and didn’t just sell you a stunning home in Weho (seriously, I love your new house).”

But it seems that Jason is a dog with a bone, and he just is not letting Chrissy’s comments go. Revisiting the drama, he again tweeted Chrissy this week, asking if she would like to come and meet him. as he’s selling one of her homes at the minute.

Oh yikes, Jason is flashing those RECEIPTS.

Chrissy is yet to respond to Jason, but knowing her, we’re sure she’ll have something gas to say when she eventually does.

The crossover has now got fans hoping that Chrissy will make an appearance on the next season of the show – and tbh there’s nothing we’d like to see more than Chrissy in a pair of 6-inch stilettos bateing it up a pebbled driveway.





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