Joey Essex Reveals What Happened With Grace On Love Island Tonight

STELLAR PROMOTION: It's allllllll kicking off

There’s some seriously stressful scenarios happening in the Love Island villa following the arrival of the three latest bombshells. 

So much so that Joey Essex seems to have completely forgotten that he’s in a couple with Samantha. Oops.

Following the antics of the sleepover, Joey pulls Samantha for a chat and she confronts him about Grace.

Joey says: “I saw you upset earlier.”

Samantha replies: “Well yeah, I feel embarrassed if I’m being completely honest…I just feel like I was a bit of a placeholder until someone else came in.”

“I didn’t want this to be the outcome,” Joey says, not at all denying the above.

Samantha then asks: “Did you kiss each other in there?”

But will he tell her the truth..? (He will).

Elsewhere, Nicole and Ciaran are having their own awkward moment, as he also admits that he said he wanted to kiss Grace during the task, even though he apparently doesn’t even fancy her. Hmm.

Speaking to Nicole, Ciaran admits: “You know after you kissed, wellI I may have made a comment in passing…Omar asked me, if you were going to choose who would it have been instead of me kissing Jess…I said Grace.”

Nicole asks: “Why? Right…why would you say something like that?”

Ciaran responds: “I didn’t mean it, it was out of pettiness because I don’t fancy Grace,” but Nicole doesn’t buy it: “Well you obviously do…I don’t know what to say…crack on with her… Comments like that just shows how immature you actually are.”

“I’ve made my bed, I’ve got to lie in it now,” says Ciaran. Yep.

Love Island continues tonight on Virgin Media 2 at 9pm.

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