John Corbett Is Returning For The Sex And The City Reboot

Will the Aidan stans finally get the ending they always wanted?

Ever since the Sex and the City reboot was announced all we have had is more and more questions. HBO revealed in January of this year that it was definitely happening, which TBH, after 2020 we needed that good news to kick off 2021.

We’re not getting a movie this time, instead this is set to be a number of episodes, which we think will work so much better for SATC, as the movies are hit and miss. The rumours are that the new episodes will be called , And Just Like That, a nod towards one of Carrie’s signature sayings.

Arguably one of the most iconic TV shows ever, everyone has a lot of strong feelings about their favourite characters, and the debate over who is or isn’t going to be in the new episodes.

Firstly, we were pretty devastated that Kim Cattrall wouldn’t be returning for the new season, although the news didn’t really come as a surprise as she has been vocal in the past about not wanting to return as Samantha Jones again. This will be a huge loss for the show and we can’t quite imagine the series without her.

Then we heard that Chris Noth wouldn’t be reprising his role as Mr Big in the reboot. It will be interesting to see how they handle this in the new episodes, will him and Carrie have split up yet again? Or perhaps they’ll kill his character off? This would be pretty well set up after his heart problems in season six and we’d much prefer this outcome as, TBH we don’t think we could watch yet another Carrie/Big break-up, could you?

The latest news which has made the reboot even more interesting, is that John Corbett, who plays Aidan in the show, is set to reappear in the new episodes.

Now, Aidan is one of those characters that some people stan and others can’t stand. Wherever you lie on the Aidan spectrum, we’re certainly more curious about the reboot now that Mr Big is out of the picture and Aidan is returning.

We last saw his character after Carrie had a chance encounter with him in Abu Dubai in one of the worst films ever made, Sex and the City 2. They revisit their past romance in the movie, sharing a passionate kiss over dinner before Carrie runs away.

The film ended with Carrie very much still in love with Mr Big, so how will these new episodes tackle it? Will the Aidan stans finally get the ending they always wanted?

We couldn’t help but wonder….