Jonathan Van Ness Now Has His Very Own Hair Care Range, And We Want It All

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In fantastic news for hair care lovers everywhen, Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness is launching his very own hair range!

Jonathan announced the news on his Instagram yesterday, sharing his new range, simply named JVN Hair, which is launching on the 31st of August 2021.

The range is organised into four collections, Nurture (moisturising), Undamage (strengthening), Embody (volumizing), and Complete (treatment and styling).

Speaking to Allure about his journey into the industry, JVN revealed, “I didn’t feel confident about the way I looked, and I think that’s because there was such a strict idea of what a man was supposed to look like. I don’t want people to feel bad about themselves ever again and that’s so much of what moves me about doing hair.”

He continued, “you don’t need to do anything with your hair because you’re a certain gender, a certain age, a certain this, a certain that. I want everyone to feel entitled to their version of beauty.”


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Adding that the range has its own subtle, ungendered scent, Jonathan shared why this was important to him: “I wanted them to be not particularly feminine or masculine, and not trying too hard for just a relaxing experience.”

Continuing, Jonathan shared how to get the perfect finish for your hair, and his favourite JVN Hair product for exactly that. “Finishing your own hairstyle — I didn’t really learn how to do that until I started being on camera all the time. [It is about] paying attention to the ends, paying attention to your edges, being able to control the flyaways, making sure that it’s moving and working together,” he shared.

And his go-to product for exactly that? The Air Dry Cream. “Rub it [between your fingers] and then just lightly apply [on dry hair] to any frizz on the hairline or the part area. If I want more pieceness or shininess to my hair [after it is dry], I’ll come back through with an eighth of how much I would use on wet hair.”

Honestly, we just can’t wait to try it.


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