Julia Roberts Is Addressing Rumours That She’s Not A Nice Person

"I feel I sometimes have to hold back".


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It’s long been rumoured that Julia Roberts isn’t the most pleasant to work with.

The A-list actress has reportedly had feuds with everyone from Hugh Grant to Sandra Bullock and Meryl Streep, leading to a reputation that precedes her on every film set.

Now, Julia is finally acknowledging this years long speculation about her character, in an interview with director Richard Curtis.


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Richard directed Julia in his iconic 1999 rom-com Notting Hill (where she stars opposite Hugh Grant).

While catching up with British Vogue, Julia confessed that her and Richard have “better, more fun conversations now than we had 25 years ago.”

Richard then explained that this was because he was intimidated by Julia at first.

I was scared of you then. Do you remember what you said to me on the final week of Notting Hill?”


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Julia seemed not to remember, but Richard recalled that the actress had told him, “You said you have to be careful on movies, careful you’re not too friendly.” 

When Julia asked Richard why she might have said that, as she couldn’t remember it, Richard said, “Because you said someone will always slightly take advantage of it.

“That someone will always suddenly ask you to meet their mom and come to dinner and everything.”

Richard then pushed Julia on whether she still feels that way.


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Do you still sometimes feel that you have to hold back? Because people are reacting to you not as a person but as a famous person?”

Julia confessed that she does sometimes hold back, and that people can feel like they know her when they don’t.

I feel I sometimes have to hold back because there’s too many question marks over what the space will expand into…And sometimes people are so familiar with me. I’ll say ‘Hi!’ ‘Oh, my God, hi!’ I have hugged, warmly, total strangers.” 

Later in the interview, Julia also admitted that her “forthright” personality may not earn her as many friends in the industry.


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I think I speak very plainly,” the actress revealed.

“That’s kind of how I see myself. I’m very forthright. There are a lot of personalities in the world that don’t accept that easily, and it can seem really harsh, even if I feel like I’m just being honest about something and just saying this is how I see it.”

“I never am trying to be unkind,” she finished.

So, there you go. Julia knows who she is, and she’s not gonna change for anyone!