Justin Bieber’s Newest Artwork Is Based On Wife Hailey’s Text Messages

It's worth $5k!


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Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey appear to be as loved up as ever – despite what some fans may say.

The pair receive their fair share of judgement and speculation online, thanks to a number of heavily invested fans who scrutinise the couple’s every move.

However, the Biebers remain unbothered, and the rumour mill isn’t stopping them from showing off how much they love each other.

Case in point? Justin’s brand new gift for Hailey – a five thousand dollar artwork, based on her text messages.

That’s right, five thousand dollars – for a blown up image of their texts. Wild.

Creative brand Idiot Box shared an Instagram video of the piece commissioned by Justin for Hailey, who was away travelling, according to POPSUGAR.

Justin decided to use messages from Hailey where she’s talking about missing him, and it’s…intimate, to say the least.

The texts from Hailey read that she misses Justin’s laugh, smile, kisses, hugs, and jokes. Which is adorable.


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Then, the text goes on to say that Hailey misses “making love” and being in Justin’s arms, which is definitely an interesting message to choose to display in your home!

The messages were blown up into a large black resin text bubble, including the crying face emoji used by Hailey in her texts.

The company who created the artwork wrote in their caption, “It’s important to to show your loved ones they are appreciated. Justin Bieber hit us up recently to commission a gift for his wife Hailey.


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“We’ve made a few text bubbles in the past, but this idea was so unique and thoughtful, a text message thread between him and his wife. As always, a pleasure and thank you for trusting us with such a special piece.”

Well, we’re glad Hailey and Justin are happy.

More power to them!