Justin Hartley’s Friends Have Said That They’re Glad To See The Back Of Chrishell

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Last Friday blessed us with the brand new season of Selling Sunset. Whether you binged the whole thing in one sitting or are stretching it out to an episode a night to make it last, you’ll be well aware of the absolute drama that ensued when the show’s main gal Chrishell Stause and her husband Justin Hartley announced their split.

Chrishell found out the devastating news of her divorce via text message, and since then Justin has very swiftly moved on with a new woman, Sofia Pernas.

Although Chrishell and Justin seemed like the dream couple of The Valley, all was not well behind closed doors. There were rumours of infidelity, with Chrishell ultimately coming out of the drama smelling like roses.


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While Justin is yet to tell his side of the story, his friends have been happy to put in their twopence, saying that they’re only delighted Chrishell is now out of his life. Yikes.

According to US Weekly, a source said:

“Justin’s friends are glad that Chrishell is no longer in his life and that he can move on.”

“He is doing well right now, and while it’s been disappointing that he is being dragged into storylines on reality TV, he knows that he should expect this.”

Going on to say that the way Justin is portrayed on the show is different to how he is in real life, they added:

“Justin is a great, stand-up guy, and he wants to move on with his life in a classy way.”

“His close friends and family know what really happened, as does Chrishell, so ultimately it’s her choice of what is put out there.”

Well, that’s that then. Will the drama ever end? We certainly hope not.


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