Kanye West Has Promised He’ll Run For President In 2024

He's accepted that he won't be winning this year's


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Kanye West has promised fans that he will be running for presidency again in 4 years time.

Resigning to the probable fact that he will not be winning this year’s election, Kanye is setting his sights on 2024, as he shared on Twitter this morning.

Sharing a picture of himself infront of a voting poll green screen, Kanye captioned the snap: “KANYE 2024”

Kanye launched his campaign for presidency back in July, calling himself the ‘Birthday Party’ candidate. He made it on to the ballot paper as either as independent choice, or a third party candidate in 12 different US states. Earlier yesterday Kanye showed himself voting for the first time ever in a presidential election. Which he chose to vote for himself.  He also shared a video of him posting his vote into the ballot machine.

“Keep believing Kanye 2020” he said.

Despite not coming out on top, early indicators have suggested that he has managed to secure up to 6,000 votes per state, with an estimated 6,110 votes in Kentucky and 5,265 in Oklahoma. It’s believed that Kanye spent an estimated 5 million dollars on his political campaign, however, it quickly became shrouded in gossip and controversy after he allegedly carried out a rally while experiencing a ‘manic episode’. Something that he has since gone on to address.


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Meanwhile Kanye’s wife, Kim Kardashian has shared her voting picture over on Instagram. Who she voted for of course remains unknown, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, or her husband Kanye. She was however caught in a picture editing drama after she changed her photograph in which she was wearing a red top to black and white so as not to give away indications whether she voted red or blue.



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