Katie Price Just Called Her Daughter Ugly On Loose Women And Viewers Are Disgusted

She's been described as "shallow" and "sad".

Katie Price has landed herself in hot water once again after announcing on Loose Women that her 10-year-old daughter, Princess, used to be ugly.

The mum-of-five was chatting with her co-hosts about children who believe they’re ugly when she said, “I always have a joke with Princess because she really was ugly. She was!

“She’s not now but as a baby she really was. We joke about it. Even she is like ‘God I really was’ but she was beautiful to me.”

When Nadia asked if maybe she meant to say, “hadn’t yet blossomed”, Katie replied, “I would say that all the ugly ones at school turn out to be the swans.”

Just look at her ???

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Viewers of the daytime chat show are less than impressed, with many taking to Twitter to vent their anger about Katie’s choice of words. One person wrote, “How much lower can the Price creature sink, now calling her kids ugly!? Terrible parenting!”

“Calling Princess ugly? Choose your baby’s name carefully! You told her she was an ugly baby? How shallow,” another said, while a third wrote, “K price needs removing off this family show! Calling her baby ugly? Sad.”

A fourth viewer offered some advice, saying, “No child is ugly. I have always told my daughter beauty comes from within. If you are beautiful on the inside you will shine.”

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