Kaz Kamwi Reveals The Islanders Ordered McDonald’s To The Love Island Villa “A Lot”

Who doesn't love a McDonald's on holiday?

We love hearing the inside scoop on all things behind-the-scenes of the Love Island villa and in her recent YouTube video Kaz let us in on some secrets from the show.

One of the interesting points was when she told viewers that they got McDonald’s delivered to the villa.

One follower asked if this was true and Kaz said;

“Yeah, a lot… and everyone would order twenty chicken nuggets, my McDonald’s order in the villa was actually embarrassing.

“I used to get a Big Mac meal or a quarter pounder meal, large with extra fries and then I’d get twenty chicken nuggets and then I’d get a McFlurry. And I would eat like, half of it.”

On the show we very rarely see the Islanders eating meals, unless they’ve had to cook it as a challenge or it’s a melon in the shape of their name made by an Islander trying to woo then (shout out to Toby).

So, for some reason the idea of the Islander’s sitting around eating McDonald’s is so entertaining. Was it like one big sleepover? Sounds fun tbh.

Kaz also let viewers know how long the girls actually had to get ready for their evenings and the answer might surprise you…

“Sometimes we had like half an hour to get ready, sometimes like 45 minutes, sometimes it was two hours, sometimes it was 15 minutes, It just depended. But more often than not I kind of took longer than we were supposed to, but they did also give me a little bit of leeway.

“I feel like the producers were actually quite good to me in the sense that they gave me extra time a lot of the time.”

Wow, 15 minutes? The girls always look stunning in the villa that is very impressive for their short time scale especially because Kaz confirmed that they did all of their hair and makeup themselves.

Kaz also opened up about the therapist on hand in the villa, when asked about it she replied;

“Yes. [There was a psychotherapist to talk to] 24/7 to be honest, because if you were struggling you could literally be like I need to speak to somebody right now and there was always someone for you to speak to.

“So there was the welfare team and the psych, so yeah there was always someone to speak to, and sometimes you would just get sent to the psych.

“That happened to me, yeah… I think they thought that I was unhinged at some points…I was, I needed it, and I’m glad they did that because I found it really helpful. I think most of us did.”


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