Kendall Jenner Had To Flee Her Home This Week After Two Incidents Of Men Breaking In

Apparently she has no plans of returning after the incident and now has armed guards.

It’s been reported that Kendall Jenner has had to flee her home this week after two men broke in. TMZ have revealed that this is the second incident involving men attempting to, or managing to break into her home.

The first was just a few days ago when an LAPD detective informed the KUWTK star that a 24-year-old man had plans to purchase a gun to shoot her, and then shoot himself.

This terrifying information resulted in Kendall getting a temporary restraining order against the man, which was granted. Apparently he is now being held in a psychiatric ward.


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The second incident occurred on Thursday of this week when a man actually made it onto her property in Beverley Hills. Somehow the intruder made it past her security and was found naked in her swimming pool.

Her security then found him and he was arrested, but apparently due to Covid restrictions in LA, he could only be held for six hours before being released.

The 27-year-old man was released but then arrested again after he was spotted outside her sister Kylie’s home. This time he was charged with a felony of stalking and has not yet been released.

Reports have emerged that the incident has frightened Kendall and that she has no plans of returning to her home, at the moment she is in a safe location and now has armed security.


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This is the second story this week of intruders making their way into celebrities homes. Niall Horan was reportedly left ‘shocked and shaken’ after his London home was broken into.

The intruder allegedly entered his house through French doors after jumping onto his balcony from another property. The man was said to be spotted by Niall’s assistant who kept him talking until police arrived.

Similarly to Kendall’s story, the man was released by the officers after some time but he returned to the apartment block the next day when he was stopped by security and then taken by police.


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According to the Mail Online, in court the man pleaded not guilty to two charges of burglary with intent and was remanded in custody. He will stand trial on July 5th.

Niall was reportedly not there at the time of the incident, which happened in July. Nothing is said to have been stolen from him home.

Billie Eilish also revealed in her documentary which came out just last month that she had a stalker who constantly left her in fear, and Lily Allen has spoken in detail about this issue before too.


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