Kendall Jenner Has Been Hit With A Six-Figure Lawsuit Over This Instagram Post

Rookie mistake, Kenny

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Another day another Kar-Jenner drama. This time it’s the least suspecting member of the reality TV clan, Kendall.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse with the current coronavirus crisis we’re facing, poor Kendall has been hit with a $150,000 lawsuit for allegedly using a photographer’s work and posting it onto her Instagram.

According to a report court documents show that both Kendall and her company Kendall Jenner Inc is being sued by a photographer, named Angela Ma.

The lawsuit comes as Angela claims that she took an artistic video of Kendall while she strolled around the streets of New York. The photographer then went on to get copyright for the short video from the US Copyright Office.

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Shortly after this, however, Kendall shared the clip to her personal Instagram account, without giving any credit to Angela. With 128million followers, the video understandably got a lot of views, 13million of them to be exact.

Angela is allegedly suing Kendall for decreasing the value of her video after sharing it for free with millions of people. It’s believed that she wants the court to both order Kendall to remove the video and account for any profits she made by posting it.

But, Kendall isn’t the first celeb to come under fire for such a rookie mistake, just mere days ago Rebel Wilson settled a six-figure lawsuit over copyrighted pictures of Anne Hathaway.




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