Kendall Jenner Threw A Big Bash For Her 25th Birthday And People Are Not Happy About It

There was a 'no social media' rule for the night


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Never a family to not be in the spotlight, Kendall Jenner has come under fire today for the huge Halloween themed birthday party she threw over the weekend.

You might have seen the pictures of Kendall dressed as Pamela Anderson in Barb Wire doing the rounds, but unlike most of us, Kenny didn’t just stand around dressed up in her kitchen alone for this year’s Halloween. Kendall and a whole host of celeb friends apparently celebrated the night and Kendall’s 25th birthday with a rooftop party at the 1 Hotel in West Hollywood.


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Reportedly among those in attendance were Justin Bieber, sis Kim, The Weekend, and Paris Hilton. But, many of the star’s followers are not happy on social media following the party, with them pointing out that there appeared to be no social distancing or masks worn during the night.

Entertainment Tonight has reported that the guests did in fact have to take a coronavirus test ahead of attending the party, only being permitted to enter the party should the test come back negative.

But, the lack of social distancing isn’t the only reason fans are pissed off. Since the night, it has emerged that Kendall placed a ‘no social media’ rule for the event, but as is the 21st century, some people just couldn’t help themselves from sharing a few snaps, and have let Kendall’s cat out of the bag.

While the party itself has got people talking, some celebs choice of costume has also caused quite a stir online, particularly Jaden Smith’s ‘sick patient’ outfit. For the night that was in it, Jaden chose to dress up as a sick person with coronavirus, ventilator, and all. Of course, this has got the attention of many, with some taking to social media to slam the ‘inhumane’ costume.

This isn’t the first time the Kar-Jenner’s have faced criticism over a party however, as just last week Kim’s 40th Birthday celebrations went viral. Whisking her nearest and dearest off to a private island, when the internet got wind many branded the family’s actions ‘tone-deaf’, with sister Khloe eventually speaking out about the issue.

Kendall and the guests in attendance are yet to address the situation. However, as the backlash appears to be gaining traction, we reckon an apology post is on the way.