Kendall Jenner Was Booed At A Football Game And We Kind Of Feel Sorry For Her

She handled it like a pro in fairness

This week Kendall Jenner stepped out and lived her best life, as usual, attending an NFL game along with her sister Kylie and other celebs pals.

Cute, right?

Yeah, except she was savagely booed by the crowd during the game.

Appearing on the big screen, a delighted Kendall decided to pose and blow kisses to the camera. But, instead of cheering the supermodel on like crowds usually do, they decided to boo instead, God love her.

To add salt to injury, people later took to Instagram to berate poor Kendall further (although we have to admit the tweets are just the tiniest bit gas).

“The best part about this game was that Kendall Jenner got booed and that pretty much sums up how I feel about the Rams this season.” said one.

While another tweeted: “Well the Rams lost, but at least Ravens and Rams came together as one in the stadium to boo Kendall Jenner.”

Unforch for Kendall though, this isn’t the first time she’s been mocked by a crowd.

Back in September her and big sis Kim took to the Emmy stage to present an award and were severely laughed at by the audience, which we have to admit was a bit harsh.

But hey, at least she’s able to handle it like a pro now.


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