Kendall’s Been The Victim Of A Robbery And The Details Are Seriously Shady

The culprit might be someone close to home.

Kendall Jenner was hanging out with some pals in her Hollywood Hills home on Wednesday night, and all seemed as it should. That is, until she went into her bedroom and saw that her jewellery box was open and a reported $200,000 worth of jewels were missing.

TMZ reported that Kendall called 911 after hearing a noise, believing a burglar might be in her home, but when police arrived and searched the house they found no one who didn’t belong there.

The deets are seriously dodgy though, and law enforcements reckon it could be an inside job. There was no sign of forced entry at her house, and police say they have no suspects. Could it have been one of her guests?

It’s not the first time Kendall’s family have been targeted by thieves, as big sis Kim K was robbed in Paris during Fashion Week.

Police say they are still on the hunt for those responsible.

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