Khloé Kardashian Gave Kim A Sex Toy For Mother’s Day

So thoughtful, our Khloé.

If you weren’t aware, last Sunday was Mother’s Day in the US (don’t panic, ours has been and gone).

We absolutely loved all the adorable Instagram posts of the stars and their mammies, but one Insta story seemed to stick a little more than others.

When you think about Mother’s Day gifts we’d imagine you’d think of the generic flowers, chocolates, maybe jewellery if you have a bit of extra cash handy. However this year, Khloé Kardashian has thrown all tradition out the window and has bought her sister Kim quite an interesting gift.

Kim took to her Instagram stories to show us all the lovely things gifted to her, including flowers from Scott Disick.

What first looked to be just a cute black Prada bag from Khloé on Kim’s story turned out to be something very different.


In the little Prada bag Kim revealed a black vibrator alongside a note from Khloé in a sea of penis shaped stuffing. The note reads:

Sometimes moms just have to take things into their own hands.



We agree flowers make a nice present, but isn’t a vibrator just so much more thoughtful?


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