Khloe Kardashian Gets Real About Making Mistakes

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One of the main reasons why we love Khloe Kardashian here at STELLAR HQ is because of how real she is, and now the mum of two has some wise words for those who have been keeping up with her life.

Speaking to Elle, Khloe opened up about something we all do, which is making mistakes. “We’re all going to make mistakes,” she said, “If you don’t make mistakes, I think that’s weird. You’re supposed to fail. You’re supposed to crash and burn. You have to experience things for yourself.”

The Kardashian family are often scrutinised for “mistakes” they’ve made whether it’s in relation to their everyday lives, upbringing of kids or even business pursuits, but Khloe says it’s all part of the learning curve.

“It’s like when you have a teenage daughter, and you know they’re going to mess up and do crazy things, but you have to let them do it themselves, so they learn. It’s the same thing in business.”


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Khloe also added that it’s not something to be ashamed or embarrassed by, particularly when it comes to asking for help. “It’s okay to ask questions regardless of how silly you think they are because if you don’t know, you’re never going to know unless you ask someone more seasoned than you to explain it and walk you through it.”

The Good American designer even went on to explain how she and her family all lean on each other for advice saying, “I’m super lucky that we have each other because we ask each other for advice or information. We’re not girls that are haters or are envious of one another. We get inspired and motivated by each other’s success.”

“I think you learn either from someone’s mistakes or how they succeeded so well,” she continued.


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Well said Khloe. We couldn’t agree more!

With a brand-new series of The Kardashians airing on September 22nd, we can’t wait to see with her and family have in store for us this time around.



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