Khloé Kardashian’s baby news was hinted at on The Ellen Show *way* before it was confirmed…

Soooo...Do you think Ellen would tell us Kylie Jenner's baby name while she at it?


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We’re all still reeling after the announcement that Khloe Kardashian is expecting her second child with Tristian Thompson via surrogate, but it looks like the cat might have nearly been let out of the bag all the way back in April when Kris appeared on The Ellen Show to promote the first series of The Kardashians! *gasp*

While chatting about the upcoming season on the show, host Ellen DeGeneres asked Kris about the possibility of a twelfth grandchild.

While Kris replied saying she’d like to see Kendall as the next of her brood to have a baby, it seems DeGeneres knew something we didn’t, saying “[Kendall’s] not gonna be the twelfth…I think there’s gonna be one before she’s gonna have one”.

The host even went as far as to say she knew who the expecting Kardashian-Jenner was! Wow, Ellen really showing up with the inside scoop!

Now of course there is no way to know if DeGeneres ACTUALLY knew, or was just trying to pull some gossip out of Kris. But with reports saying that Khloe’s baby was conceived back in November and the fact that Ellen is a family friend of the Kardashians it’s not totally unbelievable that she could have had the info!

Khloé’s baby news has been under tight wraps for a while, but news broke earlier this week confirming that The Kardashian star would be having her second child with ex, Thompson.

The first season of The Kardashians saw Khloe find out that the pro basketball player had cheated on her once again, with news surfacing that he had fathered a child with another woman while still in a relationship with Khloé.

It’s reported that Khloé and Tristan are not back together, but that the basketballer will have an active role in co-parenting with the reality TV star.

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