Kim Can’t Dance, The Return Of Shorty And A Hot Lifeguard – A Recap On KUWTK’s Final Season – Episode 6

It's time for our weekly deep dive into the latest episode of KUWTK.

Remember a few episodes ago when we begged that the show stopped trying to make Skourt happen? Well lucky for us we’re now getting almost a full episode devoted to this just not happening relationship *insert massive eye roll here.*

Not much really happens in this sixth instalment of the final season, if anything it feels kinda like a filler episode.

As usual we have three story arcs, the first being Scott and Kourtney, the return of Shorty and Kim working on some marketing for Skims.


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First up lets talk about this Shorty storyline. Shorty was a homeless man that Khloe befriended in the very first season. Now, twenty seasons later the show has decided to revisit this storyline.

Khloe says that many of her fans have kept her up to date on his whereabouts and wellbeing over the years, often tagging her in pictures and sightings on Twitter, but recently she hasn’t heard anything.

So her and Kourtney decided to drive around LA in a bid to find him or get some info on how he’s doing.


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TBH, this storyline is a little weird and at times even a little patronising? Once they find Shorty Khloe and Kim have a video call with him and proceed to tell him how much they miss him…despite it being like 15 years?

Clearly the show is just trying to circle back to some of the storylines from the very first season in a bid to bring it full circle before the series finally ends, but this one comes off a bit random and strange.

In spite of all that though, Khloe and the girls do once again help Shorty out as they set him up with his own apartment.

The only highlight to this storyline is that when they have him over for lunch Tristan is introduced as Khloe’s boyfriend and the girls all laugh awkwardly as Khloe says; “I won’t even get into the dynamics of me and Tristan” which is very interesting. We wonder what’s going on there?


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Next up is – once again – the old on again off again between Scott and Kourtney. In this episode we see Kourtney hiring a really hot lifeguard to ‘keep an eye on the kids’ although we only ever see him around the adults.

Of course this makes Scott jealous and then we go down the familiar route of him talking about how much he still loves her. After an awkward dinner in which the entire fam start asking if they’ll ever get back together, Scott and Kourt end up having a deep discussion about it alone.

Scott straight up tells her he still loves her, they have a deep connection and asks if she’d ever contemplate going there again, especially as for the first time in a long time, they’re both single.

TBH, as we’ve said before, we’re so over this story and we’re also over Scott feeling insecure and jealous anytime Kourtney is interested or dating someone new. Especially as he’s the one who likes to date 20-year-olds…


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Another aspect of the episode is Kim working on a new marketing campaign for Skims. We absolutely love seeing any behind the scenes of how she runs her empire so this was a treat.

Kim has decided she needs to get on the TikTok  game, and with the help of Addison she tries to learn a popular TikTok dance to mark the brand’s one year anniversary. We quickly learn that dancing is not Kim’s strong point and the show gives us a quick montage of all the nights out where Kim is just doing an awkward shuffle, we love it.

It’s also the first time Kim even mentions her marriage. As Addison teaches her how to do the now iconic WAP dance Kim laughs and feels uncomfortable saying to her ‘it’s ok for you cause you’re not married.”

Ultimately Kim says in the confessionals that she’s all about staying true to herself, and if that means no dancing and no TikTok, so be it.

Instead we get to see the behind the scenes of Kim and Paris Hilton on their infamous Skims velour tracksuit collection. It’s just as good as you think it’ll be.


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