Kim K Has Finally Revealed Who’s Behind Nori’s Black Book Account

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It looks like we’re all in for a real treat for this week’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. While we’ll be sharing our usual KUWTK recap over the weekend, we just couldn’t wait until the episode dropped to share this.

The person who runs ‘Nori’s Black Book’ account on Instagram has been uncovered by Kim and Khloe and we simply *cant*.

If you’re familiar with the account, and with almost 1 million followers, chances are you probably are, you’ll know that its a parody account inspired by Kim’s eldest daughter North West.

Kicking off an investigation in this week’s trailer for KUWTK Kim and Khloe begin to look in their inner circle to see whether or not their friends or family members are behind the account. Eventually coming to the conclusion that the person behind the account isn’t someone they know, the sisters come up with the plan to contact the owner to get their address so they can add them to the press list.

Assuming that the plan worked (I’m sure we’ll see it all unfold on this week’s episode), the real user behind the profile has revealed herself. In a picture posted today on the account, Natalie shared a snap of her alongside Kim and Khloe with the caption:

“Wow…what a moment! Thank you Kim and Khloe for the amazing experience of being on #KUWTK! I had a great time. ”

“Thank you to all the readers for keeping up with Nori’s Black Book for all these years. I am so glad that you guys love this account. We have a good time over here! ”


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A post shared by North West (@norisblackbook)

“Above all thank you to Ms. North West for being born! She’s an icon, she’s a legend and she is the moment! I owe you everything! I will keep writing NBB as long as North lets me.”

So there you have it, it truly was a case for the FBI, but she has been revealed. Lets hope she never stops creating her posts, the world will always need some Northie shade.


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