Kim K Shares How She Was Very Nearly A ‘Runaway Bride’

Here's why she didn't go through with it

Last night’s tell-all with the Kardashian clan dropped a lot of truth bombs. From who Kris’ ‘easiest’ and ‘most difficult child was (Kourtney was most difficult btw), to if Khloe is over Tristan’s cheating scandals or not.

However, it was Kim admitting that she was very close to being a ‘runaway bride’ that got our attention.

Married three times, it was Kim’s second marriage to Kris Humphries that almost didn’t go ahead.

Explaining to host Andy Cohen that her 2011 wedding felt like a flop from the beginning, Kim said:

“I used all our production money on the wedding. I felt pressured, I felt like I was going to let everyone down.”


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Chiming in, mum Kris says that she wasn’t keen on the idea of her daughter going through with the ceremony either, “I said, ‘Listen, if you really don’t want to do this, I don’t think you should do it,” she said.

In the end, as we all know, Kim went through with the wedding. Which, she admits the fear of being judged pushed her to make the decision.

“I thought, ‘OK, we’re filming this for a TV show. If I leave, I’m going to be known as the runaway bride forever. It’s going to be a huge joke.”

Yikes, if that’s not a lesson to always trust your gut instinct, then I don’t know what is.