Kim Kardashian Finally Returns To Social Media And Unfollows 13 People

She's cutting back on her account, but why?

Kim Kardashian

In the 11 days following the Paris robbery, Kim has been uncharacteristically quiet on social media while she processes the events that unfolded during the early hours of Monday 3rd October.

Now she’s made her online return, but not in the way you think.

See, Kim was again active on Twitter yesterday, but instead of posting anything to her account, she simply culled some of the people she follows.

And of course, her fans were quick to notice, noting that the number of peeps Kim follows dropped from 121 to 108 overnight. What isn’t clear is who the 13 people Kim has culled are.

What also isn’t clear is why Kim would cut back.

One theory is that she’s starting to take her behaviour on social media more seriously, since many claimed that “displaying her wealth” online made her an easy target for the robbery.

Another theory from fans speculates that the 13 people could just be the numerous sources close to her who have reportedly spoken to the media about her ordeal in the days following the attack.

Kim and Pascal 2

Either way, fans seem only delighted that she’s made a return online, even if they can’t understand the changes she’s made to her account.

One fan writes “Good news to know that she was feeling good to come online!! Miss you girl.”

Another adds: “Kim Kardashian unfollowed so many people. Hope they were the negative and stupid ones. She deserves only positive vibes.”

To date, Kim is yet to comment on events in Paris, but with a return to Twitter, we reckon it’s only a matter of time before she speaks out.


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