Kim Kardashian Is Being Sued For $100 Million Right Now – And This Is Why

Another day, another Kardashian lawsuit.

Kim Kardashian’s company, Kimsaprincess Inc., is being sued for $100 million for endorsing the popular LuMee light-up smartphone cases.

It seems the light-up phone covers were patented by a man named Hooshmand Harooni in 2013, under the company name Snap Light, describing it as an ‘integrated lighting accessory and case for a mobile phone device.’

Although the LuMee and Snap Light cases are being sold for the same retail price, Snap Light claim they haven’t been able to make profits because of Kim’s celebrity endorsement of the competing brand.

Snap Light has asked the court in California to force Kim to stop promoting LuMee cases as well as for $100 million in damages to make up for their profit losses.

However, a spokesperson for the reality star told TMZ, “The patent lawsuit filed by Snap Light has no merit and is just another attempted shakedown. Kim has done absolutely nothing wrong.”

What do you make of the debacle?

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