Kristin Cavallari Was Accused Of ‘Starving’ Her Kids After Posting A Family Picture To Instagram

And she hit back in a BIG way.

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Having welcomed her third child within weeks of losing her younger brother Michael in tragic circumstances, it’s fair to say Kristin Cavallari has had her fair share of stress this year.

So the reality star had absolutely no time for some particularly cutting comments on one of her recent Instagram posts: a family snap taken at the beach over the Fourth of July weekend.

Kristin posted the photo, showing her husband Jay and two sons Camden, three, and Jaxon, two padding on the shore, with a short message celebrating America’s Independence Day.

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However some commenters took issue with the fact that Kristin’s sons appeared to be “too thin” for their age, with one follower blaming the famous mum’s “strict dietary lifestyle” and another saying the boys looked “nutritionally deficient.”


Kristin soon hit back at the comments, and rather than deleting the photo, simply posted her own message in response.

“Yep, I starve my children,” she wrote in a comment on the image. “Just blocked the most people I’ve ever blocked in my entire life. Happy 4th hahaha.”

Thankfully not every comment on the post was a negative one, and there have been countless messages of support from other followers of Kristin’s over the past few days.

“Kids play hard and don’t eat that much. My 5 year old looks the exact same way. It’s called normal,” wrote one fan.

“My ex-husband and I are both tall and thin – major shocker, our son is tall and thin,” wrote another. “Eats a balanced diet with some occasional ice cream, and when he’s just had a growth spurt, he looks especially skinny.”

Kristin seems to have been enjoying her time away despite the negativity, posting a couple of days later to say she was “in heaven” while cuddling with little Jaxon on a beachside hammock.

When my little man, Jax, actually stops for 2 seconds AND cuddles with me, I’m in heaven ❤️ #AlwaysOnTheMove

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Hopefully that’s the last of the negative comments for a while.


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