Kylie Jenner Finally Speaks Out About Changing Her Son’s Name

Oh Kylie, what's the name?


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Celeb baby names are…well a mixed bag! Some opt for the most out there, and unique baby names they can find, and start trends, others win praise for going with something a bit simpler…but for Kylie Jenner, no one is exactly sure what approach she has chosen.

Yep, after welcoming a baby boy, back in February (why does it feel so long ago?), Ky announced she was naming her little man Wolfe…and then sort of unannounced it. Explaining that she was changing his moniker as Wolfe didn’t suit him.

But this was the last update on Ky’s baby name, in SEVEN MONTHS. Needless to say, we’re all getting a bit desperate at this point, with fans consulting everything from baby name books to astrology trying to guess what the baba could be called.

But now we’ve FINALLY gotten an update on the situation, and know where Kylie and her beau Travis Scott stand with their little one’s name.


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When asked about the name situation by James Cordon on his American chat show, the makeup mogul revealed that they haven’t legally changed his name yet.

Saying: “His name is still Wolf, his passport’s Wolf, but that isn’t gonna be his name. We’re just waiting.”

So to quote Gwen Stenfani in 2004, “what you waiting for?”

While it seems the mum of two may actually have a good reason to wait, as from the sounds of it they haven’t settled on a name just yet. With Travis still testing out different monikers all the time.

She explained: “Travis likes to sometimes… one day, he’ll be like, ‘Oooh, this name’s kinda cool,’ and change it again. So, we’re just not officially probably gonna change it until…maybe…” before trailing off.

However, the youngest KarJenner did share how there is one name they have “zoned in on” and it’s not animal related this time.


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That’s seems to be all we’re getting about the name…for now, at least.

The last clue about the baby’s new title came from his aunty Khloe Kardashian. Speaking on Amanda Hirsch’s podcast, Khloe might have revealed the first letter of the baby’s name.

Saying; “She said she wanted a list of names, like could I help her and I gave a list of names. I don’t know if she said only ‘W’ names. I’m trying to think… but there were a lot of ‘W’ names, I know.”

Khloe is also after welcoming a baby, having a little boy via surrogate with ex Tristan Thompson in August. And Koko also hasn’t revealed his name yet…they really are trying to torture us right now, huh!