Kylie Jenner Has Shared A Virtual Tour Of Her Kylie Cosmetics Offices – & Extravagant Is Not The Word

We all know Kylie Jenner has more money than anyone would ever need, but we are constantly amazed by the extravagance of her day to day life.

From multiple expensive cars to a wardrobe full of $50k handbags, the 22-year-old isn’t shy to show of her cash, and it seems her work space is no different!

The youngest Kar/Jen sister launched her Kylie Cosmetics company from her home back in 2015, and now, four years and one Billionaire status later, the mother of one has her own Kylie HQ that she’s just given us a look inside.

We’re not sure what we were expecting from the reality show star, but this sprawling office space comes complete with a photo studio, private glam rooms for her friends and family, a Moet & Chandon vending machine and of course, a private play area for her little girl, Stormi.

Jenner guided us around the ENORMOUS offices in a new Youtube video, and we honestly could not get over how big the place was! Every time we thought the tour was over, a new room popped up (one of which holds every product Kylie Cosmetics has ever made…. Dream)

Take a look at the video yourself, and try to keep your jaw up off the floor for the full 16 minutes.
What we would give for an office like that!


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